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Apr 25 2013

Learning Life Skills in Homeschooling

Learning Life Skills in Homeschooling I don’t consider myself a Charlotte Mason follower but I do happen to like how she tackles the idea of art and crafts. My kids love doing craft and I prefer they focus their time on quality rather then quantity crafts. Life skills are also important and should be added …

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Mar 28 2013

Can you afford to homeschool?

Last week I was taking my children to the library to pick up books for reading and I overheard a conversation between two ladies that got me thinking about how much does it really cost to homeschool your children. Most moms who don’t think they can homeschool usually are focused on two things: time and …

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Feb 25 2013

A+ Tutorsoft online interactive Math program review

  I love math, it was my favorite subject in school. But to explain the concepts and rules to my children was a little harder. So in comes A+ TutorSoft, Inc. with their A+ Interactive MATH online homeschool edition. I choose the 2nd grade (they have a 1st-7th grade plus algebra level available) for my …

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Feb 21 2013

Handwriting without Tears Ipad app review

Handwriting without Tears is a pretty big name in the homeschooling learning to write world but did you know that they now have an Ipad app out for the little ones to practice on called Wet-Dry-Try? It was created like their chalkboard handwriting curriculum. You can purchase the app in the Apple iTunes store for …

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Feb 07 2013

Where we do homeschooling

school 006

Luckily in homeschooling your kids aren’t confined to a desk. We can do schooling where ever and whenever. Since I did the last “Where we school” we have changed where we work/play on a daily basis. Now we are more all over the house instead of just in the livingroom. Here are places we homeschool, …

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