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Jun 24 2013

Easy Peasy Chore Ebook Review

What family doesn’t need help with household chores? With the Easy Peasy Chore System Alina Dubois has combined the idea of the baseball cards holders and chore charts in a fun and easy way to help your child (AND you!) know what is expected of them.


What is included:

This 109 page ebook contains information on how the system came to be, how to set up and use the chore chart, what other materials you’ll need and frugal options for the different supplies, and all the chore cards.

Other supplies you will need: printer, printer paper, printer ink, scissors, tape, baseball card sheet protectors, magnets, and multicolored stickers.

There are two editions: the regular one and the homeschooling one. The homeschooling edition include all that apply from the regular edition but also includes cards to create a chart that shows what school subjects they need to work on.

Chore cards are slid into the baseball card plastic collector sheets and added to a binder or stuck up on a magnetic surface.

There are many card categories:

Morning Routine, Evening Routine, Whole House Quick Cleanup, Table Time, Kitchen, Dining room, Living room/Family Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, Laundry Area & Utility Room, Hallway, Toyroom/Playroom, Misc Chores, Outdoor Jobs, Vehicles, Ask MOM & DAD or Ask GRANDPA & GRANDMA (which have three ethnicities represented) and of course the homeschooling subject cards and cleaning the schoolroom cards in the Homeschooling Edition. There is also the Category cards and Blank cards.

Also included is Seven Simple Guidelines For A Happy Chore Time, Table Time Suggestions, The Pebble Game and Chore Sticks.


How we used it:

After looking through the Ebook and reading the directions on how to set up the system, I figured out what pages I wanted to print out and the quantity and wrote them down. I then printed out each page, cut out the cards I needed and added them to the baseball card sheets according to how I wanted to set them up. Since I was using magnets, I had the kids help me add their favorite color circles to one side of the magnet and a star to the other side of the magnet. That took a while but with the kids helping we got it done faster then cutting out all the cards.

Then for the household cards, I taped the baseball sheets together and put the sheets up on the side of the refrigerator. I then added the colored magnets to each of the cards according to who was to do what. When they needed to do a chore, they found their color magnet and did the chore, then came back to flip their color magnet to a star to show that they had done it.


For the Homeschooling chart I set up each day what subjects that need to be covered and on Monday’s list it has the actual name of the curriculum we are using for that subject. Then we can change the curriculum cards when we finish since we school year round and can change our curriculum at any time. That way we don’t have to waste too many cards.


At the end of the day we would count up all the flipped magnets and for each flipped magnet we would add a marble to the rewards jar. When the rewards jar was filled up, we could all do a family activity since we had all worked together. Idea was taken from the ebook too (The Pebble Game).


What we thought:

I loved the chore system even though it did take a few hours setting it all up. But once it is set up it takes minimal time to maintain.

I REALLY LOVE the homeschooling cards since I am able to see what subject we need to work on and what we have done. I have it set up to be able to view the whole week. I hated keeping track of what we did and when we did it but having this chart makes it so much easier and more joyous.

I like her recommendation for the pebble game for rewards.


Where to purchase:
You can purchase either the Easy Peasy Chore System Ebook for $15.99 or the Easy Peasy Homeschool Edition Chore System Ebook for $17.99 on the Good Old Days Farm Blog. (Affiliate Link) but with this code JEWEL you will be able to receive 15% off. This code is only valid between June 24th-27th, 2013.


How to connect:

You can connect to the Facebook group specifically for Easy Peasy Chore System if you need ideas or help with the system HERE. You can connect to the Good Old Days Farm Facebook page HERE and Twitter page HERE. Alina also has a Pinterest board for Easy Peasy Chores HERE.


Disclaimer: I received both editions of the Easy Peasy Chore System Ebook in exchange for my honest opinion. There is also my affiliate link to purchase the ebook which will help me be able to run this blog and help out my family.

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