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Oct 25 2012

Homeschooling ideas on Pinterest

So I finally gave in and joined Pinterest last night. I had heard so much about it but didn’t want to waste time on it when there were more important tasks to do. But I have to say after wasting so much time last night (!!!!) there are actually some really great ideas for everything. Quite a few of my homeschooling friends have used Pinterest to get ideas and now I can find ideas too. Now I just have to moderate my time on there. But now onto homeschooling with Pinterest, the best way is to start in the category of education but you can also type in the subject in to the search box and it will come up with ideas. I’ll showcase some cool ideas I found on homeschooling here today.

Found this pin on how to use games in homeschooling.

It was pinned by a user from www.successful-homeschooling.com -This link  will bring you to an article on how you can use games in homeschooling.


20 Great Reasons You Homeschool pinned from itsoverflowing.com

Many ideas on organizing all the homeschooling supplies. Here’s a beautiful one from Confessions of a Homeschooler:

Information on homeschooling and statistics. This one was pinned from howstuffworks.com:

There are ideas on homeschooling with special needs children. homeschooling with boys, homeschooling books, homeschooling for free or cheap. So many ideas but don’t get overwhelmed. Hopefully you can find ideas that will simplify, organize and save money on homeschooling.

As for me I will be spending more time on there but not only for homeschooling ideas, if you are interested you can follow me at http://pinterest.com/ajewelinmaking/

Do you use Pinterest? If you do, who do you follow that has homeschooling boards? What have you done or learned or hope to do from Pinterest?

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