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Sep 18 2012

Tips about food on SCD

There are some little rules to follow on SCD for certain foods. Following these rules will help you succeed on the diet.

1. Carrots must always be the long carrots and never the “baby” carrots. They must be peeled at the beginning of the diet and must always be cooked for at least 4 hours to help break down the sugars.

2. Cheeses must always be aged at least 30 days and must be packaged in whole bricks, never shredded-dusted with anti-caking agent that is illegal on diet. I love to purchase the Tillamook brand medium cheddar cheese. I wanted to purchase the 2 lbs bricks but found out that they washed the outside part with cornstarch and then rinsed it off and since corn is an illegal on the diet, it is not allowed. So it is best to buy the smaller brick sizes. There are also types of cheese that are not allowed.
Cottage cheese
Cream cheese
Feta Cheese (try after 6 months)
Gjetost cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Neufchatel cheese
Primost cheese
All processed cheeses
Ricotta cheese
Tofutti cheese

3. Fluid milk is not allowed and must be made into yogurt. You are allowed butter and cheese. But after you make the yogurt and drip it there are so many wonderful recipes to make with it.

4. It is better to go with an advanced food then an illegal food if you get really hungry.

5. Keep a list of foods you want to try so that you don’t get stuck on the same foods.

6. Always have basic recipes for each new foods to keep it simple when you try the food as to not overwhelm your system.

7. Always search for new recipes and try them out. Make your own SCD cookbook. Make sure you have a wide range of recipes. Write down recipes that replace the basics like condiments and then adjust to your taste and add to cookbook. Having basic recipes can help someone help you if there is ever a time where you have to rely on others.

8. Research prices ahead of time for basic staples-like almond flour (which Honeyville usually has their best sale in November) so to purchase on a good sale.

9. Invest in good kitchen equipment. Even ones that are multipurpose will help. Like a crockpot will make soup, yogurt and some deserts.

10. Always carry around a cooler or tote with shelf stable food just in case you may get hungry. Less chance of cheating on the diet.

Hope these tips helped you. What tips do you have to keep yourself safe from illegals?

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