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Sep 06 2012

How we homeschool

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I have shared the why we homeschool, the what we homeschool and the where we homeschool. So today I wanted to share the how of our homeschooling days.
I wanted to move into the toy room but it’s needs to be reorganized. So the last few days we have been homeschooling on the lazy-boy in the livingroom. That is one of the best things about homeschooling, we can choose where we want to homeschool. I can do it in the comfort of our livingroom.
So onto the how we homeschool. No two days are the same but they are kind of in order. Usually the writing type work is done all together, the reading is all done together and the rest is lumped together.
Most of the time our days start with the bible memory verses, then listening to hymns if we aren’t out driving for shopping or other trips, and then the devotions. We move onto the writing, math and reading (like phonics) work. After that the kids just sit and listen to me reading their science, biography and history books. Then we go on to the extra studies like art appreciation, music appreciation, character books, health and PE. By then I am ready to start making lunch and cleaning up.
Some days I mix it up and some days I have them do extra work or put it off until another day. Our days are pretty flexible.

Some of the subjects we do together but some they do separately. They do phonics, math and handwriting separately but the reading we all sit together. Even though A is older, L already knows how to read-thanks to his high functioning autistic mind. So I have A doing phonics while L is doing handwriting. Same with math because L is ahead a few pages. I could have L not do any for a few days but it gives them one-on-one time to work with me while each of them work on something different.

I have set it up like this after doing it differently last year and it has made it so much easier and they are actually getting things done faster this year.

How does your homeschooling day go? Is it well set up or do you need a new schedule?

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