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Sep 20 2012

Homeschooling so far this month-with bonus

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net Taken by AKARAKINGDOMS

We started school on September 3rd. Yup that was Labor Day. We were able to finish all their work for the day in 2 hours. I did only make them do 1 math and 1 handwriting worksheet. I wanted to start simple. They had taken quite a break and wanted to ease into the full schedule slowly. There was no sense stressing over it. There are a few subjects they really would love gone but they still need to learn them. My oldest likes the bible memory verses and actually is pretty fast at memorizing them. My son loves reading and math because he does well with those subjects. Even our 5 year old will join with her math and handwriting. I haven’t officially started her yet. Our state doesn’t require until they are 8 years old if homeschooled. I just let her join us when she wants. Next year she may start. No sense in pushing them. I want my kids to love learning not be forced into in. Yes they do have obligations but children are learning when they are young without having to sit and do schoolwork.

Youngest 3 touching sea creatures

We were able to keep on task until Thursday where we did even shorter days to get ready for the beach trip for the week of the 10th. But we were even able to do schooling while on vacation because we visited the aquarium and they learned that anemones are squishy and starfish feel hard. They saw a large whale skeleton. Many types of fish and other sea creatures. We went walking-PE, purchasing goodies with their saved money-math, and science from the aquarium. There are so many learning opportunities around, just have to be prepare and think about how to teach your children.

Lewis and Clark statue

This week we worked on more schoolwork and they did really well. We did take off Tuesday because of Hubby’s doctors appt and shopping. That is the beauty of homeschool. You can do it wherever and whenever you need to. They learned about self control in their character books. Learned that dark colors hold more heat in the story about Franklin and his snow experiment. Learned about David and Saul becoming Kings in their bible devotions. And learned about Frogs and Crows in their literature reading.

What have your kids learn in homeschooling lately?

As a bonus if you can guess where these picture were taken with the city and state, I’ll use random.org to pick a winner for a $5 Amazon code. Must leave a comment with a correct city and state. Only entries until next Thursday September 27th at 11:59pm PST will be entered into the drawing.

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  1. Amy B

    Oh! I know this one! Seaside, Oregon!

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