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Sep 25 2012

FAQ about SCD

I thought I would answer some questions that came up about the SCDiet.

How to drip yogurt with cheesecloth?
~You can find the directions for dripping your yogurt by clicking HERE.

What happens when you make scd yogurt for more than 24 hours?
~SCD yogurt is best when “cooked” for 24 hrs but can go up to 30 hours especially if it take a little while to get up to temp in the crockpot. Though more then that makes the yogurt not last as long as it should-3 weeks-in the fridge. Although yogurt hardly ever lasts that long anyways. Too good with honey and peaches, YUM!

What is the best crockpot to make yogurt scd?
~Any are fine as long as you have a way to keep the temp between 100*-110*F. I like to have a large one-at least 4 quart to be able to “cook” a gallon of yogurt at a time. I also like a glass see-through lid and removable crock for easy cleaning. The one I got now was $5 on clearance at Walmart but they run about $20-30 for the lower priced ones. I got the Crock-Pot 4-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker.

How can I use my crock pot to make 24 hr yogurt?
~You can find the directions for making your yogurt by CLICKING HERE.

How to make thick scd goat yogurt?
~Goat milk yogurt comes out pretty liquidy compared with cows milk. The best way would be using heavy goat milk cream (mixed in the pot with milk when boiling) but that could get expensive. So I just make the goat milk normally and then drip it. See above for directions.

Can you leave your homemade yogurt in crock pot 24 hours?
~Yes. That is how you make “legal” SCD yogurt. Most store yogurt is only fermented for 4 hours but we need the lactose to be eaten by the probiotics.

Are there any legal cakes on the specific carbohydrate diet?
~Yes, you just have to make your own. Found this recipe that is SCD safe-some of the recipes on her site are not safe for a SCdiet so please be careful.
You can use this recipe for a safe frosting.

Buttercream Frosting
4 tablespoons of butter
4 tablespoons of shortening (ie. Spectrum’s Palm Oil)
5 tablespoons of honey
1 teaspoon of vanilla

For the frosting using butter and shortening, combine all the buttercream ingredients in a mixer or bowl, and mix at a medium-high speed for several minutes until completely blended and creamy. Recipe from same site as the cupcake recipe.

What are some snacks to help pull toxins out?
~Anything made with lemon. I really like the cheesecake recipe using Young Living lemon essential oil.

Is whole foods brand applesauce scd legal?
~Probably not. Companies are allowed to not report anything that is less then 2% of the total ingredients. So their may be hidden “illegals”. It is pretty easy to make using this recipe.

How do you know when to move through scd stages?
~You can move onto the next stage when you have tried all the foods in the stage you currently are on. I like staying in a stage for a little while, but not too long, before moving onto the next stage. If the next stage foods give reactions I would go back to the stage for a little bit longer for time to heal.

Is Muir Glen scd legal?
~The only Muir Glen product which I know is vouched for-by Lucy Rossett-is the peeled whole tomatoes. So far as I’m concerned, the rest are suspect. Marilyn-BTVC yahoo group.

Do you need to follow scd intro diet if you don’t have diarrhea?
~Yes, it is best to do the intro diet even if you don’t have diarrhea. It helps your body to “rest” with good nourishing foods. You can do only 2 days instead of the max of 5 days on the intro diet.

How long should the scd diet be?
~Most find health in two years with almost no symptoms. Although you may go off the diet after healing it is best to try new foods slowly only after you have had no symptoms for at least 1 year. But most stay on the diet because it is so healthy. 2 years may seem long but looking long term most people live to around 75 years so 2 years is a little blip in the timeline of your life to be able to heal from intestinal issues and their symptoms.

Do you have to buy the book to start the specific carbohydrate diet?
~Yes. It is recommended. It goes through the whole science of the diet and gives the specific rules for the diet. But if you are in a hurry to start I would recommend these sites for reading.

Do you have any question about the SCDiet?


  1. Diana

    How does one know if they NEED this diet? I eat low carb which is very healthy..how do you know if you need this level of restriction. What kind of symptoms would you have. I think my mom may need this. Everything she eats..especially fast food, goes straight through her.

    1. Jewellz

      If you have been diagnosed with intestinal issues like Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, IBS, IBD, leaky gut or autism. Or if you haven’t been diagnosed, these symptoms may be helped: urgency in bowel elimination, diarrhea, cramps, gas, flatulence, undigested foods in stools, bloody stools and many other intestinal issues. I would check the Breaking the Vicious Cycle book out of the library, read on my blog under the tags of SCD, or going to pecanbread.com or breakingtheviciouscycle.info for the science behind the diet and to learn even more about the diet. HTH’s.

  2. Diana

    Btw, I use the crockpot and when I shut it off I wrap it in a big bath towel. You could put the whole thing in a big cooler to keep it qarm even longer. Great for large families.

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