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Aug 16 2012

This years homeschooling schedule

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We have been using Old Fashioned Education (OFE) as our homeschooling curriculum along with a few other odds and ends added in. It uses living books which are also old books that are not under copyright anymore. It pretty much is a free curriculum. Most of the subjects books are found online and they are linked to Gutenberg.org or you can find them at Archive.org or on Amazon.com. I can download most of the free school books to my Kindle or my computer’s free kindle app. Another great thing to have is a laser printer that can duplex print, great for not only homeschooling but other personal things too like shopping lists, schedules and ebooks. We hope to homeschool everyday except Sunday all year round minus days we are sick and a few days around the holidays.

So onto our weekly schoolwork.

We will start off our day with Bible Devotions, which are purchased from TheGoodBook.com. I purchased The Beginner’s Bible to go with the devotions. We are finishing with Beginning with God:Book 2. Then we will go onto book 3. We will read one story per day.

Hymns are usually listened to in the van while we are out shopping and going to appts. We just use any hymn cd in our collection. Our music appreciation adds background and composer info to really learn more about hymn music. Part of that curriculum will come from The Center for Church Music. I want them to learn hymns from either the Psalter or Trinity hymnal. One per two weeks.

Bible verse memorization is next. We use the bible verses already laid out at FighterVerses.com. We are going to use the English Standard Version. One verse a week is all we take on unless I know that they have memorized it well.

For bible study we read one chapter per week from Mother Stories from the New Testament.

For their handwriting I will have them continue in The Complete Book of Handwriting from Amazon. They are almost to the cursive writing part. The kids do 2 pages worth. There are many free resources out there to print out blank handwriting sheets to start their own or even ones that kids can copy. They also have a few pen-pals from all over the US that they practice writing to.

Next is their math. I use Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching otherwise known as MEP (Mathematics Enhancement Programme). It was recommended on OFE. The way they teach it helps children learn and retain mathematical knowledge. We do 2 workbook pages per day. There is a yahoo group dedicated to helping with any questions of MEP called mep-homeschoolers. I would suggest joining.

Our daily reading comes from many different books.

Besides handwriting for Language Arts we are going to try out the LeapFrog Learn to Read phonics program that hubby picked up from a yard sale for $10-regularly $60-90. Didn’t see the set that we got on Amazon. Or we will use the Hooked on Phonics set my mom gave to us for free. We will also use A Primary Reader. We will be adding spelling to our curriculum this year from McGuffey.

For Literature we read one chapter a week out of The Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter by Beatrix Potter and 4 short chapters per day from The Sleepy-time Tales Series by Arthur Scott Bailey until we finish with the books. There are alot in the series so we just choose about 6 or 7 that interest us.

For science we will read Clara Dillingham Pierson’s Complete Among the People Series and The Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children by Jane Andrews.

For history we are reading one chapter per week from Stories of American Life and Adventure. The kids will finish up this to make their own family history notebooks and then they will make their own scrapbooks.


For Geography we will be reading and working from First Lessons in Geography by James Monteith. I also joined Postcrossing.com to send and receive postcards from all over the world and eventually we will be incorporating that into the schoolwork to learn where they came from.

We read Lucy Fitch Perkins Twin Stories for Social studies.

We do our character studies from this workbook and work on 2 pages per week.

For health we will go through the book Object lessons on the Human Body.

When we learn for our Occupational Education subject, each month we will pick a career and learn about it each week. I made a document that the kids will fill out when they ask questions to a person in the field they are studying. In September they are visiting a firehouse and a friend of mine’s husband is a pilot-so they may get to interview him.

And finally for art we will be putting together a study on famous artists using these pages from Practical Pages Blog. We will also be using this list from SimplyCharlotteMason for age appropriate crafts. Ones that are useful and teach them a skill they may be able to use later on in life.

I do believe it is a wonderful curriculum and adding things here and there will help round it out. Joining the yahoo group-3RHomeschooling or the Facebook group-Old Fashioned Education may be beneficial. If you ever need help with the curriculum, feel free to contact me.

Have you ever heard of OFE? Have you ever used these books? Are you ready for schooling to start?

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  1. sara

    I’ve heard of OFE before and thought it was a great little curriculum. I tried using it with my son as well as the Ambleside curriculum but it just doesn’t fit him. This year we’ll be using Oak Meadow 6th grade – at least this is the plan, we’ll see by the end of the month what our final decision is.

    I’ve yet to include Bible in our studies, not really sure how to as it hasn’t been a real focus in his life. I was thinking maybe story type things or biographies in order to get him interested in the adventures or to get him to see them as real people not just historical figures.

    BTW, I’m doing the 31 Days Blog challenge and was given a blog award – I’m handing it over to you. You can find it on my crochet blog as it was giving during a previous challenge, Ultimate Blog Challenge.
    sara recently posted..Blogging Inspiration from the Sisterhood of World BloggersMy Profile

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