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Aug 02 2012

Our Homeschooling areas

We are not a traditional school and we like to school in our own comfortable way. Here is where we school and where we keep our school supplies.

This is where we were schooling at but we moved the school books to their playroom and left these school books there. The books are all organized by subject and to the left of the picture is where I would read all their lessons. In the comfort of my lazyboy chair. I would help them with their schoolwork and we would just sit around working and talking. Since there is a lot of reading since we follow a more classical approach then we wanted to be comfortable.

This is another angle to see all the books that I have bought over the years and that have been given to me.

These next three photos are the school supply closet where I store all the great deals I buy during the July/August school supply sales. Every week starting the beginning of July I start looking at ads for the sales so that I can stock up on supplies for the year. I have bought most of these supplies under a $1. Staples even has some wonderful $.01 sales usually going on. I have some of the art supplies in the white storage container. Along with another closet full. Most of it has been given to me. Looking at freecycle and craigslist is another great way to get arts and craft supplies.

This is where I moved all the kid’s school books. We transformed a bedroom into a school/toy room.

Oh and yard sales are a GREAT way to score deals for items that could work in a school setting. All the posters and wall items were given to my hubby when a former teacher found out that we homeschool. We got a ton of posters and school items. But now I need to move some to make room for our geography postcard map.Where do you homeschool?

Do you do it at the table or in a comfy chair?

What are some deals that you have scored on school items?

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