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5 Most Common Mood Swings During Pregnancy And How To Combat Them?

During pregnancy, it is quite obvious that you feel dizzy and dull but there are also some other mood swings that you cause during the pregnancy period. Some of the mood swings are as follows:

  • Absent Minded
  • Suddenly Depressed
  • Irritated and Angry
  • Urge to Clean Everything

Some things can be done to change the mood swings and to handle them because it quite normal that you feel different about few things and there are things that are not manageable. Some are as below:

  • Have a Heart to Heart Talk

When you are expecting, you and your husband are at the same stages and this is the time when you have to talk heart to heart to know the things completely that how they have to work and how they are going to behave at a particular situation so try to be normal and explain things during the time of pregnancy.

  • Important Aspect If You Have Older Kids

When you have older kids then it becomes difficult for mother to comprehend their mother’s strange behavior. It is the time when you have to sit down and tell all the things to the kids and make them understand your situation. Mother changes her body condition with the passage of time and when the baby grows in the body of a mother then mother may switch her moods and it becomes difficult for her to manage all the things by her own.

  • Get Out

To remain fresh, it can prove to be healthy to walk and get fresh air in. When you feel upset, the babies look quite upset too and it increases their gurgling and remains happy with the mothers. It is good to flip the mood and have an older kid. It is good to take your children to garden and make them feel good.

  • Practice Deep Breathing

To breathe deep is mediating and before you take out an angry burst, it is good to practice breathing for some time and it can count to 10 or 100 and it takes time to calm your mind for some time.

  • Watch Anything Funny

Watching TV programs and also reading books is a god source to change your moods and make them fresh.

  • Snack Often

Also use snacks and tackle with anxiety can be a good thing to do while taking snacks regularly in morning. To remain away from sugar is a good thing and it also keeps the pregnant woman away from gaining weight and also it enhances her method of providing proteins and nutrients to the body.

It is important to know the mood swings during pregnancy and if you feel anxious in any case then it can become a good idea to know how the physicians prescribe you for that. The depression does not vanish with the small percentage of sugar. It can cause the nervous breakdown and also it can lead you to depression. You can become perfectly fine by taking proper medication. 

No More Mistakes of Spoiling Your Food, Avoid It! With Best Food vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealing is the only best way to store food in an appropriate way and it’s good to create food pantry. We all knows that food cannot stay fresh forever. But with the right and adequate tools we can most certain prolong it and it can happened by using best sealing bags with best Food vacuum sealers . The sealing method was familiarized to prolong your existing food sources.

However, there are two kinds of vacuum food sealers one is ‘counter top models’ and the other one is ‘handheld’ ones. But the end in both choices one thing is similar and that is “sealing bags”.  Thus, in counter top sealers statement they are more long-lasting, sturdy and offer tougher suction and sealing power, but they’re more costly than handheld food sealers, and also they take more space.

Advantages of Vacuum Sealers:

Many important factors are considered in Vacuum Sealer in the classification of food storage products let’s focus on few of the crucial points.  But first see some developed and helpful Amazon Best products:

  • FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit
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  • FoodSaver V3835 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with SmartSeal Technology
  • FoodSaver V3240 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit
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Extended Storage Time:

Food shelf life can be extended for several years by using a vacuum sealer. Thus in this way you can efficiently and conveniently save food, without being in stress to discard your food. Therefore, if you save food in freezer for 3 days limit only, than by vacuum sealed you food you can save it for 2 to 3 months or may be more depends on the food type which you are going to store.

A Useful Tool:

Vacuum sealers can be used as a valuablegadget for home grown foods because the healthiest foods we eat are home grown. Therefore, this tool can be the most useable and handy tools for storing food and let them fresh at every serve on table of dinner.

A Healthier and More Nutritious Choice:

Vacuum sealer take out the air inside of a package, so there is rare chance of your diets getting effected with many of harmful germs and bacteria. So in this way you can live longer life and spend every moment with full of energy as it delivered by nutritionist food that is vacuumed sealed.

Save Money:

You will not be throwing or decaying away your unused foods, if you are using vacuum sealers. Moreover, your restaurants bills will be reduced as you will be relishing fresh foods at home. Therefore, whenever you take food in bulk quantity than you can save it for further use rather to destroy it and waste your money.

Also by taking fresh and healthy food you can be avoided by expensive medicines while not becoming sick by taking un-hygienic diet.

Breast Feeding vs Formula Feeding – Which One Is Better?

Why Breast Feeding?

From the view of American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ), it is best to feed your children through your breast as it contains many proteins and natural ingredients which are healthy for babies and the babies which are at stage of less than 6 months should only use to be fed through breast and can be replaced with the formula feeding to keep their health normal.

AAP has a view that breastfeeding should be continued for at least 1 year until the baby becomes a bit old. Some are the points which say that breast feeding is important which includes

  • The reduction in the breastfeeding can cause sudden death and also can cause syndrome in the babies.
  • It is digestible and also it keeps baby fresh and away from constipation.
  • It also provides natural ingredients to the body and protects the body from infections and illness to strengthen its immunity.
  • It improves the cognitive functioning of children and also raises the intelligence of the children.
  • The studies of recent times have shown that the breast milk reduces the risk in the issues caused by health like diabetes of type 1 and type 2. It increases the cholesterol level of blood and obesity in body.

It provides benefit to the mothers as well. It also proves helpful for the women who do breast feeding as it helps mothers to decrease the risk of ovarian, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis. It strengthens the love of baby and mother.

Challenges of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is good for mothers and some of them take some time to use it. The babies and mothers require some time to manage the routine of taking care of their child.

Some are the concerns that every mother face due to the breastfeed is:

  • Feeling Uncomfortable – the mothers feel uncomfortable at the initial stage during breastfeed and then mothers come in a routine which needs proper practice, support and education. The nipples sometime turn hard which causes issue for the mother.
  • The nursing diet mothers are required to take food in a normal quantity and should be taken in the balanced quantity.
  • The medical conditions should be normal. They should not be having any health regarding issues.

Why Formula Feeding?

Formula feeding is not as effective as the breast feeding because it contains natural ingredients while the formula has artificial ingredients.

  • To feed through formula is flexible and many things can be managed by following this.
  • Take your favorite food while feeding so that you can manage your feeding process easily.
  • The duplicate milk of the mother is complex and it contains so many sugar, nutrients, fats and are good for the growth of the baby.

Formula Feeding Challenges

There are few challenges that every person face before adopting the challenges of formula feeding like

  • It is impossible to meet the breastfeeding complexity and also it duplicates the breast milk which changes the needs of the baby.
  • It also lacks in the amount of antibiotics which are good for the breastfeeding and improves immunity of baby to avoid them from infections.
  • The formulas are expensive and everyone is not able to afford them.
  • There may arise bowel problems and can also cause issues in preparing the feed.

Make a Choice – Breastfeeding Vs. Formula Feeding:

It is not so easy to feed your babies and the method of feeding is a choice of the female to choose which one is good for her baby and which one is not so precautions should be taken properly and the mothers should remain focused on what is good for them and what is not. This is the decision of the mother that what should be chosen for their babies. They have their own benefits and perks.

How Your Smart Phones Are Affecting Your Health

POCKET VIBRATION: The mobile phone users who have silent mode active on their phone, get a vibration in case of incoming call or message, Believe it or not but a study has shown that majority of people feel the vibrations on their thighs or back-pocket even if they haven’t got a text message or call, they feel compelled and take out the mobile to check for the message, see an empty notification bar and put the mobile phone back in their pockets. This has started to become a mental issue and a phobia.

TEXT NECK: Text neck is a rather new term that was coined to describe the whole bending over and slouching your neck down to your phone to read a new text message or look at the screen situation, intentionally or UN-intentionally we all do it. The number of cases reported about neck pain has increased in these past few years.

NOMOPHOBIA: Nomo phobia or also known as the fear of leaving your house to go the nearest market or any other place without your mobile phone tucked safely in your pocket. Some of you might consider it to be a concoction of fiction and disregard it as mere rumor. But this situation is becoming true with the passage of every day. According to survey done with more than a thousand participants, 66% of these 1000 were in fear of losing their cell phones.

TEXT CLAW: it is not exactly a medical problem, but it is real. Some of us may complain about the sourness or calmness we feel in our fingers. That is because of the excessive use of mobile phones. All the energy we spend and movement of fingers we do while typing a text message doesn’t matter long or short or even playing some game on our phone for a large period of time.

PHONE ELBOW: Almost all of us have to hold our mobile phone with both hands and keep it in an upward position to align it at our face level while we are standing on our feet. This posture also causes problems like a tingling sensation or slight numbness in our elbows.

COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS: Believe it or not, you can get more germs from your mobile phones than you can while on a toilet seat. After usage of a long day, a greasy residue starts to form up on the screen of your mobile phone and the entire body of phone, a study was done in which closer to 400 vshare apps were used and almost all of them the bacteria and germs were found.

EYE PROBLEMS: But not the least, eye sight damage is its cause. It is scientifically proven that staring at the bright screen of your mobile phone for longer period of time causes several problems like weak eyesight, the complain of watery fluid coming out of the eyes, complains of pain in the eyes and many more. All these problems may damage our eyes permanently.

5 Effective Measures To Prevent Indigestion During Pregnancy

Indigestion is not a good sign in pregnancy because it causes issues with the pregnant mother. It is important for every pregnant woman to take care of the indigestion system.

Symptoms of Indigestion in Pregnancy:

The hormones cause this type of problems in pregnant women like indigestion and the things that cause indigestion in the body and stomach. Some symptoms of indigestion are as follows:

  • Feeling of Fullness
  • Burning sensation and heartburn
  • Constant burping
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Bloating
  • Regurgitation of stomach

Prevention Measures:

Some measures can be taken to prevent pregnancy from indigestion which includes:

  1. Avoid Trigger Foods

The foods that cause gas in your body like spicy food, tea, cola, caffeinated drinks, coffee and chocolate etc. are needed to avoid. The greasy food that causes issues in the stomach and the food that is not healthy for you are required to be avoided. Indigestion can take place if the food contains any kind of grease or if it is not healthy.

  1. Drink Enough Water

The water should be consumed in a suitable quantity after meals and before meals. The excess of fluid in food can cause problems like heartburn and also can cause indigestion at the time of pregnancy.

  1. Opt for Smaller Meals

Take foods that are not very much oily or they should be consumed in the regular intervals of time to prevent indigestion. All the meal should not be consumed at one point of time. Heavy meal should be avoided at the time of indigestion.

  1. Stock up on Antacids

First aid box should always be taken with you so that at the time of any injury, it may be cured instantly. These are the type of medicines which deactivate the acids from your stomach. It can become less acidic if you use it in a normal quantity. It can cause irritation if you take it in too much quantity and do not use the medicines properly.

  1. Pay Heed to Positions

Indigestion can be caused if the food is taken while lying down somewhere. Pillows should be used to keep your head and shoulders popped up. To prevent your stomach from slopes, it is important to reduce the pressure from your stomach and keep it away from unhealthy food.

Being indigested can happen but it should not remain for longer period of time. The person who feels irritated and sick can be the one who takes proper medication and in that way the pregnancy worsens.

1st Month Pregnancy Diet – The Foods to Eat & Avoid

The starting months of pregnancy are shaped with symptoms like bloating, headaches, vomiting, cramps, tendering nipples, menstruation, excessive sleepiness and famishing hunger. These symptoms vary in every woman at different time and they appear in different order. Some may not appear very harsh but few of them appear to be quite severe.

It is important to maintain a balanced diet in this duration to keep you healthy and to it is healthy to take this diet in the duration of first month of pregnancy.

Foods to Eat

  1. Folate Rich Foods

Even if you are taking folic acid supplements and pills on the doctor’s advice, you still to take healthy diet and keep yourself healthy and to sustain your pregnancy period and to develop the embryo in a healthy way is quite important to use rich food. The foods that are rich in folate are potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, beans, eggs, greens and oranges etc.

  1. Vitamin B6

The foods that are rich in vitamins should be taken in balanced quantity which includes peanut butter, nuts, bananas, salmon and grains. It can help in avoiding vomiting and nausea.

  1. Fruits

Fruits have got no fats in it and they are very good for a healthy recipe and they have got water content and vitamins in it. It also has antioxidants in it. Fruits also contain fiber and taking fruits in the daily diet is very healthy and it gives a fresh start to your day.

  1. Milk Products

Milk is a great source of providing proteins to your body and it has calcium, vitamins, healthy fats and water. Taking yogurt in the daily routine is also a good source of getting the rich products and to avoid you from boredom, it is a great source.

  1. Meat

Meat also contains vitamins and proteins and it makes you healthy especially when you are pregnant because you need extra energy when you are carrying another life inside you.

  1. Iron Rich Foods

It is quite a common saying that iron is an important mineral which maintains the firm flow of blood for fetus and mother as well.  Fetus requires nutrients and oxygen which adds too much iron in the first month and doctors also do not prescribe iron pills until the period of 4 months so you may take foods that are iron rich. Foods like Beetroot, bran, beans, dried fruits, mutton, chicken, oatmeal and tuna.

  1. Sugary Foods

At the start, you do not need to fulfill the need for two people because at the initial stage you only eat to maintain the sugar level of the body as it is important to keep the body healthy by maintaining 200 – 300 extra calories per day that keep the baby healthy. Do not eat complex sugar but take simple sugar instead which gives energy like fresh fruits, pancakes, fresh fruit juices, smoothies and puddings etc.

Foods to Avoid

  1. Seafood

Seafood has a high quantity of methyl – mercury which is a compound that is used to hinder development of fetal brain.  Avoid seafood in your first month when you do not know if you are pregnant or not or take only freshwater fish in diet.

  1. Soft Cheese

Soft cheese is not healthy for body. It has unpasteurized milk and also it contains bacteria and other food poisoning materials. It also has gas.

  1. Packaged or Processed Foods

Packaged and processed food is not good for health which includes condensed milk and juices. It causes bacteria as well. Also use the fruits that are freshly squeezed and also take salads in your diet.

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